The “Diamond of the Star”


The Meye family has long traveled through space and followed the outward expansion of the Empire. The influence and wealth that the family holds to this day was not such at the beginnings. In fact, weaving through the local sphere of clients and patrons often meant small pickings and opportunistic prospecting on isolated planets and asteroids.

Times were hard and often brought the fear and risk of losing everything on poor yields. Moreover, replacing increasingly faulty equipment, the never-ending need to “grease” the local barony and simply put food on the table meant debts and the risk of slavery.

Antoine Meye persevered and kept on chasing what he called the “diamond of the star”, his dream rock, the source of all riches and glory. His obsession almost tore the family and business apart for he was never content with the yield of their hard-earned contracts. There was conflict and tension between brothers and sisters, nearing mutiny on board against Antoine and his continuing obsession and string of poor decisions.

One day, it was a routine mining operation on the rocks that drifted through the field. That morning, the atmosphere was strange, dry and electric but this was not due to a poor air recirculator or expired biofilters. Antoine came on the flight deck, sober and lucid, this brought silence from all stations due to its rarity. He pointed out of the bridge, to this oddly shaped rock “… the Diamond of the Star!” he proclaimed. Sandrine, trying to read data from an overworked low-grade scanner, could not extract a composition but was still intrigued by alternating ‘bleeps’ that the machine would spit out.

The brothers decided to try, one more time, with a mix of desperation and a will of proving Antoine wrong. However, there was a hidden hope that their mad ridden elder brother was right, for once. Suiting up and preparing the tools for the job, they launched and approach the rock. It was oblong in shape, strata running parallel the long side, a mix of dark grey and seemingly shining lines reflecting the dim light from the star.

After days of hard work and strenuous conditions, a few tons of material were brought back to the cargo. Marcus, the self-trained geologist of the family started to sieve through this seemingly pile of junk of grey rubble. That is until he made a startling discovery, “Holy…” he exclaimed from his lab, a dark room in the back of the cargo hold. The family came rushing into the small space in response. This was it, a large yield of painite was present in this rock. A promising future for the Meye finally came as such gem was highly sought after by the nobility of the Empire. Marie rushed to Antoine to announce the great news, entering their cabin she found her husband on their bunk. The old man laying still, a smile on his face… at last he was at peace, he could finally rest.

A Bright Future…

The vastness of space did not stop news to spread and the vacuum could not silence rumors… The findings of the Meye family would not remain a secret for long and came to the ears of the local Patron. Sandrine, now selected by the family to represent them, was summoned by the noble and offered to work for him in exchange of buying out their debt and a concession to local extraction sites. All seemed to come together for the clan: a partial concession to the rich and promising fields of Yan Musu, a home to settle and the promise of a good life for everyone.

Unfortunately, the declining health of Sandrine was becoming obvious. Not able to lead her family any longer, she summoned her daughter, T’Sanak, to her bedside. That night, the family gathered around her as the moment neared. Sandrine took the hand of her daughter and looked her in the eyes, with a weak smile, her last breath whispered

“There’s diamonds in the stars…”

Yan Musu Corp. was assigned as their exclusive partner for the refining and resale of all that is extracted from Yan Musu. One must not forget the very intricate nature of the Imperial economy where not only profit drives business but also the personal interests of a whole strata of local clients, Patrons and their Senator. Despite the close watch from their business overseer, the Meye clan built itself on knowledge and experience of planetary ring mining that will later become recognized by the high spheres of the Empire.

However, a clientele system has its own weaknesses and is marred with corruption, power grabs, and infighting. The position of Yan Musu Corp. was becoming unsustainable and was falling out of grace along with the influence of its president and Senator. Impossible bribes to pay, threats to their life and the diminishing yield of Yan Musu 8 rings were throwing the future of the Meye’s into a dangerous spin.

… To a new Home

The fall and demise of the local barony and their business ‘partner’ could have spelled the end of the Meye’s mining life and the beginning of an uncertain future for them. However, their accumulated experience in ring mining and a deep understanding in metal and gem trading helped them build some influence and a reputation of their own. The troubles in Yan Musu system reached the ears of Princess Aisling Duval and she was sensible to the situations of its people and, in particular, of a certain reputable mining business.

In recognition of the many years of service to Yan Musu, its people and economic development, once a small family business became an endorsed Imperial Corporation by the grace of her Highness Aisling Duval. A new mission was asked of them in exchange of her favor: developing and growing the system of Paesia, a promising land long ignored by most powers and sitting at the edge of her own domain.

…. This day of October 19th, 3303, was born Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd.

The Great Turmoil

The young T’Sanak took her family and business to their new home of Paesia. Concession over mining and the governance of Burgess Point was left in the hands of yet still a young woman but with a mind full of projects and ideals. With the intent to share the promised wealth with the local population rather than coming as a conqueror, they formed an equal partnership with the local business of Paesia Corporation.

In only months, the rings of Paesia 2 held their promise and produced the highest levels and purity of platinum, palladium, and painite in the region. Quickly, the Corporate expanded to new territories and acquired new assets in Assiones and Khan Gubii.

Alas, in mid-November of 3303, forces lead by the Shadow President of the Federation, Felicia Winters, launched a major attack on Aisling Duval’s domain. Despite a valiant defense from Her Highness’ supporters, many systems fell from her grasp. Paesia was one of such system. This Great Turmoil created a period or isolation; however, our Home was not whole away from the Princess.

Chankates Initiative

Stagnation and economic hardship characterize these few months cut away and cast to the edge of civilization. Piracy and chaos were never too far from our doorsteps, disrupting trade lines and jeopardizing mining operations throughout Paesia. Morale was low and people started to flee the system back into Imperial territories. Attempts to return under the Princess’s wing was only driven by hope or desperation and quickly met their ends against ferocious opposition from Winter’s forces.

However, the Corporation was not built on sorrow and self-pity, it grew on hardship and tenacity. In fact, T’Sanak and her Directors designed what is known today as the Chankates Initiative. This plan was first to secretly gather funds, train Associates and reunite supporters. Its second phase displayed the courage from relentless attacks by our pilots against Winter’s occupation and propaganda. Hundreds of ships were involved to propagate the word of the Princess and bring her principles back to our systems. On February the 1st of 3304, victory was ours and the flag of Aisling Duval was once again raised above Burgess Point.

What followed was a period of renewed prosperity and growth. Markets for rare metals and painite are at a historic high and expansion going onward….

…Stars are made of Diamonds

Our future is in our hands, will you join us?