The search for new riches is on!


Since its founding times, Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd seeks to develop the most advance technology and process applied to ore extraction and processing. For that purpose, early on, the Center for Research & Development (CRD) was created and based at Alpers City, Khan Gubii. Early projects held in that research facility led to optimized laser mining in the pristine rings of Paesia 2 and a boom in painite extraction, processing and sales.


Furthermore, the CRD acts as a technological sentinel and helps the Corporate to collect and stay watch for outside developments and new ways to improve mining operation. A major project closely followed by a special task team and found to be potentially a game changer in the mining industry: fleet carrier type mega ships. Specific details are gathered and studied about this new type of ships presently in development by the Brewer Corporation. The goal is to evaluate the opportunity to use such ships as long range mining platform to project operations far outside the “Bubble” and seek new high yield extraction sites.

However, to fully take advantage of this opportunity, we need to create a catalog of high grade mining sites through exploration and test mining. Therefore, the President of Platinum Imperia, with support of the Board of Directors, is launching a special initiative to fulfill that need:

Pristine Ring Investigation & Sorting Mission




This initiative is opened to ALL Associates of Platinum Imperia. You are much encouraged to go out and take part of this great event and help our Corporate (and have fun!).


Here is a short description of this event:

    • Participants are encourage to explore systems from a list computed beforehand. These candidates have been chosen for potential high yield pristine icy and metallic rings.
    • Once a system selected, use your onboard FFS to map the overall layout and then a Detailed Surface Scanner to probe rings for potential hot spot overlaps: this is the key to success!
    • Reporting your findings on a master list (details and list/form incoming) with system name, planet, ring type, overlap nature and perhaps picture of said site.

The goal is to find and catalog future sites for mining operation using the full potential of Fleet Carriers.


How easy is it to participate? Very easy! (Ship build proposals)

    • All you need is a small exploration ship such as a Diamondback Explorer (DBX): example.
    • If an interesting overlap is found one can quickly test mine it with an ASP Explorer: example.
      (Or any mining ships according to your budget and taste).


The Directors and myself really hope everyone will have fun taking part of this lil’ event and do something different. This is also a chance for us all to create future activities as a group using the new Fleet Carrier and working together!


Please, do ask any questions in the #Conference Room channel of our Discord. Do note that this is an internal event and details should not be shared with the outside (some allies, already having privileged access, may take part as well).

Is there a prize? I am honestly trying to find a way to make one possible since ARX are not giftable.


Go out, go have fun and find all the riches out there waiting for being mined!


For Platinum Imperia, for Princess Aisling Duval, glory to the Empire!

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Office of the President,
Platinum Imperia Tower,
Burgess Point, Paesia


Thank you DoubleUdot for the fantastic PRISM logo!