High Tech Rising…

Increasing equipment and workforce volume to match demands in high value mining goods is no longer a viable and sustainable option. Therefore Platinum Imperia Mining Inc, through its Research and Development Center (RDC), has launched several initiatives to levy high tech alternatives to remain ahead of the ongoing mining boom.

One of the most visible initiative was the acquisition of the Kitchang Mu system and its renown high tech industry. Stefansson Station, particularly, is the hub for encoded material trade and an unique incubator for start-ups specialized in Guardian Technology. In short terms, large investments are expected to develop Guardian based applications focused on the mining industry.

Lastly, President T’sanak, backed by the Board of Directors, is pressing to rationalize and create synergies between Kitchang Mu and its historical technological hub of Khan Gubii. Therefore, the former is logically added to District Alpha with Alpers City remaining district capital and siege of the RDC. There is hope to revitalize the district and foster investments to convert declining local conventional manufacturing into new tech businesses.


(Extract from an article published on the Alpers City Daily News)