Mining Boom Brings Population Rush

(An extract from the Burgess Gazette of December, 1 3305)


Investment in new equipement and mining technology has yield a sharp increase in yield and profit for Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd. Furthermore, the Corporate has always valued its Associates for their expertise and dedication. All of this has combined to the emergence of an unexpected trend: population boom!

People from across the Empire has moved in many of the Corporate’s systems to offer their skills and start a new life for themselves and their family. The most remarkable move came from the population of the Attacates system who have requested to come under Platinum Imperia’s jurisdiction. A move some specialist in interstellar politics and economics explains by a will to emulate what the inhabitants of Fer Doira have known in terms of prosperity and stability since them joining the Corporation network of systems.

The Board od Directors and the President of Platinum Imperia, T’Sanak, were honored by the request and are welcoming Attacates and all its people within the Organization. To help with the transition and beyond, Reavero Whryst has been named System Manager and has taken office at Buckell Ring. Revaero, born in Alpers City, Khan Gubii, has been an outstanding Associate of Platinum Imperia for years and has taken at heart to work along the people of Attacates to bring the system to high standards.

Following the entry of Attacates in the Corporate, President T’Sanak invites all Associates to celebrate reaching the cap of the billion inhabitant and beyond!