For weeks, tensions across Paesia and neighboring systems have risen between Platinum Imperia and Paesia Corporation. From a last ditch effort to settle matters peacefully, the most pragmatic decision was to let the people of Paesia decides of their fate.

In her last public statement, T’Sanak, president of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd, shares her pleasure to avoid useless destruction and bloodshed by holding an election. She is convinced the people will want to support her organization; one that brought a booming economy and safety, quoting from that same statement. The last opinion poll published by the Ramon City Gazette gathering a representative sample of Paesia’s population seems to agree with her with 63.1% in favor for a return of Platinum Imperia in power.

Voting will open on July the 15th, 3304 and run for three days with results likely known by the 18th…

Paesia…. VOTE!