An excerpt from the BURGESS GAZETTE:

News FLASH: Platinum Imperia on the run!

According to our local office at Burgess, footage from surveillance drones have identified a special task ship registered to Platinum Imperia. Under cover of anonymity, dock workers confirmed ship manifest is consistent with a major move by the mining corporation. Further footage, despite their poor resolution, have spotted that same ship landing at Duque Relay, in the Wu Jinifex system. The system is reputed for its discretion and security for Imperial businesses and financial interests.

Further information from our local sources have noted an increase financial and asset move assigned to Platinum Imperia. This comes in the heels of explosive revelations about their long standing partner, Paesia Corporation. Allegations of handling by Federation agents and Paesia Future executives have strained, to say the least, the relationship between both corporations. Her Highness Aisling Duval has refused to comment on the situation but it is likely her doing to offer shelter to Platinum Imperia at Wu Jinifex, an Imperial stronghold and safe harbor.

A short communique has been released by T’Sanak, president of Platinum Imperia this morning, here is a short:

“As you may know, our friends have not been those we thought to be. In order to protect our direct interests, our assets and Associates, we have decided to retreat essential personnel and goods away from Paesia and to safety. Mark my word, Paesia is our Home and always will be! Our destiny and lives were once stolen through treason and scheming from forces outside the Empire and we thought back to recover… we will fight back again, we will be BACK!”

Many experts agree that T’Sanak, without naming them, definitely blame Federation interference in the affairs of Paesia and those of her business. We can only conclude to the end of what seemed to be a strong alliance between both corporation.

No one knows what will happen in the near future, please stay tuned…..

[end of excerpt]