Platinum Imperia Ltd.

Stars are made of diamonds



Our Corporate

Our mining operation is based in Paesia and branches out to neighboring systems. Our goal is to provide the utmost quality services available. We promote a slave-free and fair working environment, as such we support the principles stated by Princess Aisling Duval. We seek to offer a wide range of activities through Background Simulation, trade, combat, exploration and, of course, mining. We can still all converge and meet common goals, as a group, at our own pace and our own way.

Our People

Our Associates can play and enjoy their game style freely within our group and through open and fluid departments such as Trade & Logistics (PS4 focused), Asset Protection (Combat), or our Center for Research & Development (Engineering).

Who We Are

  • A PVE Imperial group, supporting Aisling Duval.
  • Focusing on goals around Background Simulation.
  • Supporting diversity in game styles such as trading, mining, exploration or combat.
  • Welcoming all platform: PC, Xbox and PS4.

We Are Not

  • PVP, or not offering enough support for it.
  • Griefing, any activities that goes against someone’s fun is against our principles and is banned.
  • Supporting open trade of slaves (Imperial or otherwise).


If you want to join our group, meet our Associates or simply share some of our activities…


Mining Boom Leads to Expansion

Recent boom in mining with Platinum and void opal demand has strained extraction and refining capacities. In order to support this growth and remain relevant on the market, Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd has completed its acquisition and merger of industrial and refinery...

Family is Whole Again.

With the final acquisition and merger of assets previously owned in partnership with Paesia Corporation, Platinum Imperia has successfully integrated Khan Gubii system to its network. The entire team of Platinum Imperia has done a great job these past few months to...

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A New Diamond for the Empire!

The People of Paesia has spoken! (Burgess Point Daily title)   After count of 90% of the ballots, the election has been called in favor of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd. In a landslide victory of  59.3% over Paesia Corporation, the mining corporate has been chosen to...

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    For weeks, tensions across Paesia and neighboring systems have risen between Platinum Imperia and Paesia Corporation. From a last ditch effort to settle matters peacefully, the most pragmatic decision was to let the people of Paesia decides of their fate. In her...

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